About Us

At Club Fountains Accident Repair Centre we hold ourselves to the highest standard of integrity and ethical behaviour.  We strive to keep our  commitments when it comes to the repairs of our customer’s vehicles.

Most of all we under promise and over deliver.

1. Integrity – The power of Honesty.

We hold ourselves to the highest standard of integrity and ethical behaviour. We tell the truth to our customers and fellow employees. We strive to keep our commitments when it comes to the repairs of our customer’s vehicles. When customers bring in their vehicles for repairs and ask on the duration of repairs, we ensure that they trust what we say and that their vehicles will be repaired according to manufacture specifications. Most of all we under promise and over deliver.

2. Excellence – The power of intense focus.

To us “Excellence is not a value; it is a discipline and mean of making the world a better place.” Over the years we’ve built a reputation of excellence through a Quality Performance Report (QPR) Form that needs to be completed by each and every customer once their vehicles have been repaired. With this form, customers can give their input on where we can improve our services. QPR is a bridge between us, our customer’s needs and expectations, as our continued success depends on exceeding the expectations of our customers. As employees we are always encouraged to give our best and pursue opportunities that will improve our performances on our own initiative and through continual learning programmes offered by the company.

3. Teamwork – The power of working together.

Like the old saying “Two heads are better that one.” Our company’s strength is the result of our ability to sustain lasting and mutual rewarding relationships with our customers. We strongly believe that there’s no “I” in team.  When a customer is unhappy with the service that he/she received from one of our employees or just overall not satisfied with our service and has addressed it, we sit down together as a team and come up with a solution on how we can resolve the matter at hand without having to put our relationship with our customer in jeopardy. As individual employees, we have the right to expect a positive environment and maintain a productive, motivated workforce by treating all employees, principals, suppliers and customers with respect, trust and dignity that we ourselves expect.

4. Commitment – The power of responsibility.

We make meaningful commitments; First to each other and then to those we work with and serve. We are dedicated to safety and care for our environment. The ethical management of our business is of utmost importance. Every employee is accountable for meeting both individual and shared goals. We go to great lengths to protect and responsibly use all our assets. We recognise and respect the personal information, privacy interest of individuals and especially that of our customers. We take extra pre-cautions  when giving customer’s information, provided the client trades-in their vehicle at another dealership, and the dealership calls to find out what was done on the client’s car for how much was the total amount on repairs.

5. Sustainability – The power of Endurance.

As an organisation we strive to contribute to global environment in which all people can work and live healthy, productive lives, now and in the future. We believe this commitment supports the enduring success of our customers, suppliers and that of our employees. To us the health and safety of others is a priority, same as our dealership with customers, insurances and suppliers. We ensure that our Service Level Agreements (SLA) is updated annually. We also host an Assessor’s Day Event at Zwartskop Racetrack where we show our utmost gratitude to our customers, suppliers and principals for their overall contribution in helping us become the best in all we do.

We ensure that the repairs on customer’s vehicles are up to BMW Standards and Manufacture specifications. Herewith a formula we implement in our Workshop:-

Ownership – Non-Conformance + Correct First time = Excellence Throughout