Charity event- Woodrock Animal Rescue 10 Dec 2017

We gathered with some of our dealerships to give back to Woodrock animal rescue charity. In conjunction with owner Cindy Schutz from Front Row Autobody, the morning was a great success and extremely enjoyable!

Woodrock has been in existence for 29 years and are located on the R511 to Hartbeespoort. They have been at these premises for 9 years.

Woodrock believe in “life” and follow a process of rescuing animals, rehabilitating them as well as sterilization and strongly promote adoption. The facility is home to various breeds of dogs as well as a cattery.

I would like to share an interesting statistic: One unsterilized dog will over a period of 5 years breed up to 67 000 dogs!

It was unbelievable to see how well these animals are cared for, and how excited they get when they are taken for a walk.

It was a privilege for us to help Woodrock and make a difference!

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